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State Grid investment of 420 billion RMB in 2015, distribution network construction for a new climax, install smart meters of 60.6 million units

Time: 2015-01-16      Browse:1559

On January 16, the State Grid began a three-day work conference in 2015. Meeting for the first day of the State Grid work in 2014 for the carding and evaluation summary, and the plans for the development of the overall deployment in 2015.

In 2014 what are the main work has been done

-Power grid in 2014 with a total investment of 338.5 billion RMB

In 2014, the State Grid has power grid investment funds reached 338.5 billion RMB. This figure compared with the 2013 grid investment amount, growth of 14.1%. According to figures released by the conference, in 2014, 50,000 km line of 110(66) kv and above net work starts project, put into production of 52,000 km; Substation (converter) has started 320 million kva(kw) capacity, put into production of 280 million kva (kw). Compared with 2013, the line basically reached the same level of the site starts with the put into production quantity is increased slightly.

-Uhv in full speed, a new stage of large-scale construction

Uhv ac North Zhejiang - Fuzhou, as in the north of Xiluodu – West Zhejiang, Hami south - Zhengzhou uhv dc projects are put into operation, our country has built up "three/four straight" uhv project. At the same time, the Huainan - Nanjing - Shanghai, Ximeng - Shandong uhv ac, east Ningxia - Zhejiang uhv dc project start construction. According to statistics, in operation\construction uhv line, substation (converter) has the capacity of more than 15,000 kilometers and 150 million kva (kw), accumulative total of more than 280 billion kilowatt hours of electricity transmission.

-Given the clean energy capacity greatly increased

State Grid corporation actively support the development of new energy grid installed 120 million kw in 2014, including wind power, photovoltaic power generation rose 13% and 172%, wind power grid scale, solar power generation growth remain the world's leading. In the distributed power grid and electric vehicle in electricity markets, implementing distributed power grid 5883 households, 1.63 million kw, 218 new electric car charger in power station, "two vertical and one horizontal" highway inter-city fast charging network basically built. In addition, the State Grid has more than 13,000 projects for implementing electrical energy alternative, substitution of 50.3 billion KWH in 2014.

-State Grid overseas assets reached $29.8 billion

By the end of 2014, the State Grid overseas assets reached $29.8 billion, 17 times that of 2009, the annual return on investment in more than 12%. Successful bid in 2014, the State Grid had Brazil first uhv dc transmission project--the beautiful landscape hydropower transportation. At the same time, the State Grid also successfully acquired of Italian energy grid, Singapore international and Australian stakes in Australian company, holding shares of HongKong electric company. Had energy cooperation agreement with Russian power grid companies and Kazakhstan national sovereign funds, Egyptian department of power & energy. Stable operating overseas projects such as the Philippines, Brazil, Portugal, Australia. Its wisdom institute of European research institute was founded, the American institute of research and development ability has been formed.

-Service for consumer’s "the last kilometer"

In 2014, the State Grid is put forward to solve the power "last kilometer" and service the masses, as to carry out the party's mass line of education practice. Figures show that in 2014, the State Grid region a total of 210,000 households, 870,000 people without electricity to have electricity. From the State Grid of one year’s practice, "the last kilometer" actually contains more content, in addition to electricity, without electricity population also includes solve difficult of billing, streamline service process, low voltage control, etc. 

2015 what is going to do

In 2015, the State Grid plans to invest 420.2 billion RMB to set up the power grid, at year-on-year growth of 24%. The investment amount is to an all-time high. Also the speed of uhv project construction will be further accelerated, including "three pay has been" project completed and put into operation in 2016; "One in four straight" project completed and put into operation in 2017.

For smart grid, within 2015, to build 50 new generation of intelligent substation. Install 60.6 million smart meters, achieve 316 million automatic data collection. State Grid will also have the flexible dc demonstration project in Xiamen built and put into operation, completed 36 sets of adjustable system upgrade; one part to speed up the "three ring one line" highway construction of the inter-city fast charging network.

Distribution network construction will usher in a new climax in 2015. State Grid will complete distribution network construction in 30 key-city urban areas, and 30 other city urban core, focus on urban distribution network automation coverage of more than 50%. In 2 years to complete the rural "low voltage" comprehensive treatment. To solve over 5.05 million households' "low voltage" issue and the weak links between power grid and the main network in 21 counties and cities; resolve task of 45,000 households, 188,000 people without electricity. To achieve a comprehensive & wide range of network to supply household electricity power.